Writings on Rwanda’s Genocide

I visited Rwanda for three five-day consultancies in 1996 when I first began to get to grips with the history of the nation and its then very recent genocide.

On 2002 I helped set up a halfway house for asylum seekers in Kampala, Uganda; many of its clients were Rwandan. During a crisis when we had no building, one of our clients had fallen through the net of alternative arrangements that had been made and ended up back on the street. When he fell seriously ill with malaria his friends begged me to help him, so I took him in. He stayed for two years during which I practised my Kiswahili and French, while he learned English. Over time he told me parts of his terrible, unforgettable story, which have left an indelible mark on my pysche.

In 2004 I acted a very small part in the film “Sometimes in April”, produced to coincide with the 10th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide.

After returning to UK in 2005 I began some research into the subject which became more serious when I was asked to give a talk to the Bangor and Ynys Môn Peace and Justice Group. Subsequently I became the advisor on Rwanda topics for the Facebook Group Genocide Awareness. The writings in this section follow from these.


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